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Why Use Limousin Bulls?

The true answer is quite simple:  nothing beats a limo for the production of kg of red meat per hectare.  The breeds real secret weapon is the F94L Muscle Gene that a Limousin readily imparts to its progeny.  Click the link to download a summary of F94L, and why for profitability's sake it must become a part of your breeding program. 

Research from around the world has conclusively proven that Limousin is the only breed of cattle to perform admirably under BOTH low and high nutrition conditions.  There are breeds of cattle that perform better than others under low nutrition, and there are breeds that perform better under high nutrition such as the conditions found at the peak of a good fattening season or in a feedlot.  Limousin are the only breed of cattle near the top of both of those lists. 

This is largely due to two very important traits of the breed: low or moderate maintenance requirements because of their efficient phenotype and moderate size when compared to other high performance breeds; and the afforementioned F94L gene that causes a Limousin to grow more muscle fibres when the other breeds are putting the limited available energy into their extra maintenance requirements.  Limousin are essentially a high performance breed that manages to put a greater percentage of its available energy into red meat rather than growing frame and waste.  The lower maintenance requirements of Limousin cattle make it the only high performance breed to mix it with the breeds that have been selected for performance under tough conditions.